Learn From A Legend

"Good Things Come To Those Who Hustle While They Wait"

Trapshooting legend Frank Little takes the mystery out of shooting trap and adds birds to your score. If you missed attending one of Frank’s clinics or never got a chance to see him shoot, now is your chance to learn from The Champion of Champions. 

Beginner, All-American and Olympic shooters have benefited from his coaching. Each disc, digitally re-produced, in both the clinic setting and trap range environment contains approximately one hour of information, such as where to hold on each post, foot positioning, correct eye and gun movement and much more.   The 3 Disc Collector’s Edition contains Singles and Handicap, Doubles, and The One-Eyed Shooter DVD, shrink wrapped into one convenient package. 

Frank Little
1936 - 1993

Frank Little was one of the most consistent winners in the history of the ATA.

His accomplishments include:

Member of the ATA Hall-of-Fame
Member of 30 All-American Teams
Member of U.S. Olympic Team
53 Trophies at the Grand American
39 State Championships

21 Zone Championships
99% Average for 21 Consecutive Years!